Omnia provides an end-to-end, streamlined costs budgeting process that will save you both time and money – and help you avoid court sanctions.

Budget Preparation and monitoring – What can Omnia do?

  • Produce Form H in excel format as required by the court.
  • Set and re-set budget alerts for each phase of a case (and for each phase component if wished).
  • Monitor forecast, budget and actual costs on a budgeted case with instant, visible alerts (which can also be sent by email).
  • Create any number of budget versions to reflect how the budget may change on negotiation with the other side, court approval, and subsequent applications to amend.

Analysis – What can Omnia do?

  • Create average template budgets from the data taken from actual costs of similar closed cases.
  • Filter actual and forecast figures by many variables for budget and management control.
  • Produce reports and schedules by phase and other variables to assist you, your client and the Court.

What else can Omnia do?

  • Produce Statements of Costs for summary assessment (N260).
  • Produce 3 and 6 column Bills of Costs (from October 2014).
  • Be used as a stand-alone time-recording system.
  • Save you money by reducing your internal or external costs spend.


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